August 29, 2007


When I started talking to you,
And wanted you to talk as well, you never did!

Then when we became best of friends,
I still fought with you, but you never did!

When I borrowed things from you and spoilt them,
I thought you would scold me, but you never did!

The obstacles of life, when we were crossing together,
I thought you’ll let me fall, but you never did!

In our ups and downs of life,
At times I became low, but again you never did!

During the worst days of my life,
When everybody went away, you never did!

And at times of decision making,
I sometimes left your hand, but mine, you never did!

But after so many years of our friendship, our sweet relationship,
When I thought you would ask me to stay together forever, you never did!

And finally when I had to go with someone else forever,
I thought you would stop me, but yet again you never did!!!


Priyanka Khandelwal said...

Is this actually an episode from your life? Nice gripping poetry, I wanted to read on and on.

Saumya Goila said...

Thanks Priyanka, i know very late reply. But anyway... it is not an episode from my life, but yes even i have loved this one the most. It just makes me keep reading!

abhishek said...

very sweet...myself Dr.Abhishek,something i can relate to...but a lil other way round...i mean the girl who was my world,who meant everything to me asked me if i ever loved her i had to say 'no' becuz she was getting married to somebodyelse and was very happy,and she dint know that i knew about her wedding thr our common friends,she asked me the question of my life out of sheer curiosity,but i never cried or repented it as her smile was everything to me and dint actually wanted to hurt her by telling her 'yes,i love u'.yes i denied myself the 1st love of my life to see her happy and to see that heavenly smile of her' we r not together but thinking of her gets a warm smile on my face and vice a versa.thanks for such wonderful yet simple poetry.keep writting.u have magic in ur words and its such wonderful art.anyhting that u write with which others can connect and can smile is wonderful art.keep it up.God bless u with absolute happiness,true love of ur life and a prosperous life.