August 29, 2007


Life has always demanded this from me,
I always lived it like that,
Today again it is demanding this from me,
And today again I will live it like this.
Life has always been demanding “LONELINESS” from me…………
I am all - alone in this crowded world!!!

I have always lived alone,
I lived my life the way it came to me.
I was alone in this world,
After traveling for so many years of my life, what do I see?
I am still alone in this world.
Alone in this crowded world!!!

I was “ALONE” since the time I did not even know the meaning of this simple word,
When I started to understand the meaning, I realized what I had been till today,
I then knew that I had been lonely since the beginning, so I accepted it now with grace and I know that I am,
Alone in the crowded world!!!

I had always been horrified of the word, “ALONE”!
Because I never wanted to be,
But today it is there always with me, and so I am,
Alone in this crowded world!!!

On the contrary, the terror has now gone completely,
It has become a part of me,
Alone I live my life for myself,
I know that at present to live,
I have to be alone in this crowded world!!!

I live what is desired from me,
I live what is demanded out of me,
I live with it,
I live, what it defines,
I live like it,
I live as this word,
I live “ALONE”,

I have lived, I am living, and I will live alone,
Because I have always been unaccompanied everywhere,
As there was no one and there is no one to accompany me anywhere.
Hey! So here I am, lonely!

Today I have become what no one in this world would like to even think of to be,
I am emotionless, a stonehearted creature.
To me now it does not matter whether there is someone to accompany me on the rugged paths of life or not.

I have learnt to live alone; I am alone, but so what?
I can walk on my own on all spheres of life,
I am unmoved by loneliness just because of the simple reason that it has always been a part of me.
I am untouched by emotions,
But it should not worry you, because I am happy!
I am happy being what I am,
I am happy in living alone.
I am happy in beginning to live:
“Alone in this crowded world!!!”

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