August 29, 2007


I was walking alone,
Alone on the sea side,
Thinking about myself, my life.
I feel I was waiting for some one,
Some one to come and hold my hand,
Some one who would say…
“Hey! Why are you so upset??
Don’t be, you are not lonely,
I’m there with you, and for you always.
Trust me just once”; he would say,
Then hold my hand and say,
“You are right, you are thinking right,
I’m that someone whom you were waiting for!!”
I was happy and satisfied that finally he is here,
But suddenly I realized that I was still thinking,
And that there was no one there.
He has not come.
Broken and shattered I was.
So low I was feeling.
But then I thought: till when?
Till when, will I roam like this?
Completely in isolation,
Just in a hope and waiting for this hope to come true.
When I also knew that only when the right time comes
The hope will also come true.
I contemplated my walk further and,
Did not stop at one spot of that place.
This thought stimulated me to move further in life.
I have to carry on with my life and not bring my life to a halt.
‘Everything happens at the right time and for the best’; I remembered;

And with dreams in my pocket, which reminds me everytime, that they will come true, I moved on and now I’m still moving.

Today I dream about everything, and proudly say,
My dreams will come true.

And with this anticipation I will keep dreaming.

Today I can see myself flying free,
In a new path, in a new sky,
With my own identity along with me!!!
And I can also see someone now…
It is so great!!
I am confident that I’ll do it…

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