August 29, 2007


If my writing conveys everything to you,
Then I would write forever.

If the words I speak mean to you,
Then I would speak forever.

If my love fills your heart with love,
Then I would love you forever.

If my holding your hand gives you happiness,
Then I would hold it forever.

If the song I sing, makes you sing as well,
Then I would sing forever.

If my dance makes you dance with me,
Then I would dance forever.

If the music I play, makes you tap,
Then I would play it forever.

If you would eat together with me,
Then I would eat forever.

If you would have a sip with me,
Then I would drink forever.

If I could spend all the time with you,
Then I would stop the time forever.

If you would join me in the game,
Then I would play forever.

If my smile brings a smile on your face,
Then I would smile forever.

If my prayers give you everything you want,
Then I would pray forever.

If my promise keeps you close to me,
Then I promise forever.

If you would understand me,
Then I would make you understand forever.

If I could see you,
Then I would see you forever.

If you were here,
Then I would keep you with me forever.

But only if I could remove this ‘IF’,
Then I would remove it forever.