January 10, 2010

I am Becoming a Lover Every Moment!

Love is only a feeling, and not a thought. When you say, you think you love me…Well I say you don’t, because you don’t feel it! You say: “but I said I think I love you, because I feel it”, I say: “When you feel it then you don’t have to give it a thought.” Love is the only feeling, without a thought. Love blossoms when you feel it inside. When it blossoms, it is pure and unconditional. When there is a feeling inside me without a thought that connects me with you and everything around me that is ‘Love’. When I do things for you to bring a smile on your face, I call it love. When I see a flower bloom, it brings a smile on my face, I call it love.

I want to get out of Yash Raj, Karan Johar, Suraj Barjatiya and the like movie concept of terming 'love' as just a relationship or a feeling just between two people: one male and one female. I want to term love as everywhere, in everything and in everyone. I am talking about the ‘Love’ which is spread and found in everything and in everybody. I feel love in writing my thoughts, I feel love in making a card for you, I feel love in watching the rain drops fall, I feel love in helping the poor, I feel love in forgiveness and you are reading this right now that is because I feel love for you.

I want to become a lover every moment. Why can’t we grow out of the traditional thoughts and teachings engrained in us and in our society? Why do we teach our children ‘to respect our elders’ and why not teach them to only ‘love’ our elders and every being and existence? When there is love (pure) that blooms, then there is respect in that love. Why should I not respect my peer, my junior, the poor or the rich, the plants or the animals? I want to just love everyone and every being that is around me. When a painter paints, he respects his each work, he loves his each work and so he loves his work and then loves himself. That is the eternal love that I want to feel.

When I love something or someone, why can’t I keep it unconditional? Why do people have to remind me to expect something in return from my love? Why do you have to tell me to listen to you when you love me? Don’t you think I would in any case be listening to you if we both love each other? Why do I expect you to give me time just because I love you? Why do we mix the term ‘love’ which is a feeling from the heart with the things that our mind wants? When we say always listen to your heart when in doubt, why do we still question from our mind the rightness of the feeling of the heart?

I am exploring the new world of love and understanding the true and pure meaning of love these days, and so I am writing these thoughts. I am sharing with you all, because I feel the love and want you to feel the same love. I want to let you know about these so that you explore your inner self too and spread the love. For once, when you have read this, before thinking, feel what you just read? Once you do that, you will never question me in reply to this: “What’s wrong Saumya is everything ok?” You will never even have a question or doubt: “Saumya are you in love?” And of course you will not definitely ask: “Who is he or who is it that you have fallen in love with?” To all these questions of yours, there is only one answer that I will have all the time: “It is no one in particular; there is no ‘he’ in specific. It is just that I am falling in love with everything and everyone around, I am becoming a lover every moment!”

As I end this piece here for now, I am going to keep adding to this as and when I keep exploring the unconditional and pure feeling of love! Grow in love, grow in yourself, grow in God and grow in your soul!!!


Saumya Goila

January 10, 2010