August 29, 2007


Why is it so typical with us?
Why is it that people fuss?
We know what is wrong,
And we have known it now for long.

But still we do the same,
Just like Telgi has made his name,
In the stamp-paper scam game,
Stop this now it has become too lame!

Lets all be alert and aware,
God at least I can no more bear,
Bear? Bear the disrespect to women,
Not now? Then can anyone say when?

That’s not only typical ‘ME’,
But that’s typical ‘WE’.
We know what’s happening,
But right or wrong without even bothering!

The time has come to charge,
Charge us as society at large,
Raise our voices against the vices,
And for the wrong done pay no prices.

Population, pollution, corruption!
To these can we ever find some solution?
Now lets try to put an end,
And to all let this message be sent:‘Lets break the typical INDIAN PSYCHE’!!!