August 29, 2007


“What is life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare!”
Is what the call of the day
And this, without the slightest hesitation we say.
Entangled in a whirlpool of things,
Loneliness is what all it brings!

Think of basking in the sun and listening carefully to the birds in the sky,
Think of getting rolled up in the waves of the oceans and then holding on with a sigh.
Think of flowers everywhere with the spring in the air,
While red, autumn leaves, leave the trees so bare.

Are these some things that we have forgotten?
Gifts of nature, beauty – can they be so easily abandoned?
Think of the pleasant smell of soil after the rain shower,
And the paper boats set assail by small children and their peer power.

Think of two green parrots peeping out of a tree hole,
And getting back quickly with a lion’s growl.
Think of the seismic river flowing down in the form of a cascade,
Down the mountains, onto the plains, joining the sea in different shades.

Think of ships sailing far at the horizon,
As you sit and stare from the beech at the morning sun.
Think of the tides both low and high,
As they struggle to jump up and touch the sky.

Think of the hot – hot sands and oasis their heaven,
And think of weary travelers who despite ending up into a mirage enjoy the burning sun.
Think of the big sand dunes and think of what could be inside?
Even though you know its only sand, let your imagination run wild!

Think of snow caped mountain peaks and tops,
That glow jade and blue as on them the bright sunlight drops.
Think of a dry leaf floating with a gust of wind,
If we could fly too, dream on don’t bind your mind!

So think on and on from the Dusk to the Dawn!!!

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natehc said...

u write gud
like this poem of urs....