August 25, 2011

Mumma, Mummi, Ma, Mom, Maate - Mother....Happy Birthday!!!

Mumma, this one is for you. For the 50 years of your life and almost 26 years and those special 9 months of my life in your life. What you are to me, no one ever has been and can be.

“A child gives birth to a Mother right when a mother gives birth to a child.”

The above statement could be looped into a vicious circle and which is why this one relationship is the strongest as there is never an end to it. That one moment when her fingers touch you, even though you are too young to understand, talk or express but you feel the touch and are at peace. That is the magic of the first touch of a mother for the few minutes old baby, who is crying and shouting. It is that moment that fills her heart with a gush of happiness, satisfaction, endless and selfless love and peace. It is that moment that fills the child with love, happiness, peace, protection and care. Well, like every child, I do not have memories of that first touch but I am so sure that it was magical for me as Mumma’s touch till date is so magical.

You have been the one person I have seen in life who can provide the utmost clarity to any situation. You have been the one who has always put me to peace. You are the only person who would question me with a doubt but still had the unbreakable trust in me. You have been the one who has cared for me the most in your own ‘unique’ way. You have been the one I have fought so much with, but could never stay without patching up for more than an hour. You have been the one who has taken all my attitude and tantrums and still never complained. You have been the one I have always asked to ‘treat me like a grown up’ still wanted to be a child with. You have been the one who has been awake all day and night for me when I would be unwell or hospitalized. You have been the only one I have been awake day and night when you would need the same care from me when you were unwell or hospitalized. You have been the only one who has made my each day special in your own way. You have been the only one I have never minded to inform details of where I am, when will I reach, how will I travel and the like even though I would tell you I am old enough to take care of myself. You have been the only one to whom I would want to just inform that I have plans with friends and I am going out but still end up asking for permission for those plans. You have been the only one who has been able to put me to sleep by just keeping your hand on me and by being next to me. You have been the only one who has always made sense to me still never wanted to agree to that sense. You have been the only one who has taken all the efforts to be there with me and for me at any minute, in whatever way. You have been the one I would not want to tell some things simply because you are my MOTHER but still you are the only one I would want to tell also. You are the only one who is the best friend for life. You are the only one who loves me in this world unconditionally and selflessly. You are the only one who makes me just me all the time.

Those days still flash to me as fresh as yesterday, when you would wake me up in the morning to get me ready to school. How much ever you would need to rest, you would give me importance. Force me to get up when I would do most nautanki, help me get ready, make breakfast for me, pack my lunch for me and sit with me trying different tactics to make sure I drank that full glass of milk every single day which I would be ready to throw down the drain. You would go to your work and be back in time every single day by the time I returned from school to make sure I see your face first. Your face even after all the work would be as fresh as a newly blooming flower. You would cook lunch for me, feed me, put me to sleep and hardly sleep yourself. Make that effort again in the evening, to wake me up, make me study, make me have fun, play with me, get irritated of me still not let me know, make me have fun and still not complain.

Those days, when just to trouble you or seek your attention, I would hang myself around your neck from behind, irritate you with my never ending questions; make you angry with my carefree attitude and wait for those hugs and kisses at the end of all this, still flash as fresh.

Mumma, you have been the source of all courage for me, you are the source of all the love in me, you are the source of all emotions in me, you are the source of the person in me. From the pure soul that you are, the beautiful heart that you are, you make the most wonderful person around that I know. 'For I must love because I live, and Life in me is what you give'

Mumma, I have no idea if I can ever think of growing up without you, with you not being next to me. How much ever I have loved being treated as a grown up by you, I am still your little child. My life seems just so incomplete without you. Now is the time when I have actually grown up, grown up enough to start my own new world. But my new world also will be incomplete or rather cannot exist without your touch, your inspiration, your love and YOU.

As I move far, far miles away in a few months…YOU will be the one missed much. I don’t know what will I do without you, how will I manage without you, how will I be without you. I only wish I can be remotely close to what you are in my world – the lady that you are, the wife that you are, the mother that you are, the daughter that you are, the daughter-in-law that you are, the friend that you are…simply the person that you are.

Mumma, after I am gone, will really miss you but will still be closest to you. No one in life can replace you and no one in life can be what you are.

Mumma, you are a magic to me and my world around you so magical!!!

'Love you so much Mumma, and wish you a very happy and special 50th Birthday.'

Loads and loads of love


25th August, 2011


Ajay Gupta said...

Sweet. My best wishes to your mom! :)

Saumya Goila said...

Hi Ajay,

Thanks! Also, thanks for the wishes :)

Nadir Shah said...

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