March 27, 2009

Inside My Heart

Walking in the middle of the road, with no destination in mind,

I walked out of the house for peace and only to unwind.

As I keep moving like a zombie, all that is happening around,

Flashes in front of my eyes and make me realize I am bound!

I so want to run away from everything that is happening.

I wish I could break down once, crying and howling!

It’s been months since I have shed a tear, for a simple reason,

I need to be strong as my family drives strength from me from season to season.

I am now falling short of strength with each passing day,

I look for an outlet and comfort in you or others in various ways.

To my surprise everyone I bank on, has his own life I realize,

So I still try to move on with no complaints banking on plans that never materialize!

Today I am standing at a t junction of my life,

Where one side is the life that I want from within,

The other side is the life I am forced to go, since the people on other side are not welcoming.

I am scared of taking any turn and still standing here.

I only think till how long I can stand here,

I know all of them are right there,

But why is everyone moving away,

What is going on in my life, I fail to understand,

I want to live what I want with my life in my hand.

Why everyone when I feel is closest starts to move away,

Why when I lose all hope and don’t need them, the come again?

Why, why, why?

I just don’t want o live anymore…

And if I really have to, then I want to where it is only me…

Because yet again I am all alone in this crowded world!


Dheeraj Paul Photography said...

hi saumya, good to see u here, keep blogging your inner-self.

Saumya Goila said...

Hey Bhaiya, :-)