August 26, 2009

August 25th, 2009!

The day started with Mom’s birthday celebration at 12:00 am, when she was pleasantly surprised with the video conference wishes that Jiju and Didi gave her and became part of her cake cutting ceremony.

The happiness on mom’s face, the surprise on her look, the spark in her eyes was so satisfying. It all made me so happy inside for giving her more than she expected. Her tiredness just flew away within seconds of this surprise and she still looked so relaxed and happy.

At about 9:00 am, mom came to my room as I was still sleeping (bunked office because was working till 3:00 am, so could not get up to go). Mom lay down next to me with the same happiness, glow and spark in her eyes and face with which I had wished her good night. She was feeling so special still after the midnight surprise. The look on her face said: “I am so special, out of the world and so I am flying so high!” Not even slightly did I think that the small surprise would do wonders.

I made sure Mom did not go to the factory and spent the rest of the day with me. We talked, slept, planned things and what not. And then Mom received a call from Aunty (didi’s Ma) to wish her. While talking to aunty, mom invited aunty and Prashant bhaiya over to join us for dinner. And the excitement that I saw on mom’s face with that invitation was like that of a 10 year old kid excited about her birthday party in the evening. She made sure she did not accept a ‘no’ from aunty for any of the two. And as mom wanted, aunty called back in few minutes to confirm that she and bhaiya were joining. And mom’s excitement doubled. She was so happy. If it was in her hands she would have behaved like one pampered kid. But obviously she won’t do that!

She then got ready and went to the factory for few hours. Mom and Dad came back at about 6:30 pm from the factory. We all got ready and went for the dinner at Punjabi By Nature in Noida. Aunty and Prashant Bhaiya joined us there. The dinner was nice and pleasant. Mom and Aunty discussed their kids, their childhood and what not. Lot of fun!

Towards the end Mom said that she would always remember ‘two birthdays’ of her life. One when Didi celebrated it with ‘Rasgullas’ when she was 3 or 4 years old and the second being this one! And there was immense happiness that I had inside. I then realized that the small surprise of a video conference with Jiju and Didi was like giving the world to mom. And that gave me such immense satisfaction and happiness inside for being able to give that world to mom! J

On our way back, mom was all praises for Prashant bhaiya and obviously aunty. Aunty for mom is like her long lost friend and trying to catch up on all of these lost years. Dad and Mom discussing how simple, intelligent and what not Prashant Bhaiya is. Well, me sitting on the back seat of the car was only trying to figure how similar can people be when I heard them saying: “Prashant ek dum Sonali type hai – simple, intelligent etc etc aur Rahul ek dum Saumya ki tarah – cute, naughty, intelligent etc etc”.

And finally the satisfaction and a sigh of relief on their face for giving their daughter’s hand in such a great boy’s hand and sending her to such a fabulous family.

And as day ended, I wished mom once again “happy birthday”. Gave a good night kiss to Mom and Dad and came to my room and slept with the satisfaction inside never experienced before!

Friendship's Day!

You are the ones to cheer me, when I am low.

You are the ones to make me laugh, when I am serious.

You are the ones who make me understand when I am wrong.

You are the ones, who forgive me when I do something silly.

You are the ones who listen to my non sense talks even when you are most busy.

You are the ones who are there for me even before I realize I would need you.

You are the ones who don't need words from me to call you.

You are the ones who need no introductions in my life.

You are the ones who can never be replaced in my heart.

You are the ones I can live my each moment of life for.

You are the ones I can die for.

You are the ones with who I can be myself.

You are the ones who read me even when I am avoiding myself.

You are the ones who make me fall in love with you each day, each minute and each time.

You are the ones I want to spend all my time, and wish time to stop right there forever.

You are the ones who are the caricatures of beautiful souls, pure heart and love.

You are the ones who make me feel what I am.

You are the ones who are just YOU all the time.

You are my FRIENDS and I am proud to be your friend!

I'm feeling Lucky!